Light - LUMINATOR, A High End Light Box

We are proud to bring the LUMINATOR to the UK, a medium that combines lighting, photography, ambiance and interior design features in one product.

What is a LUMINATOR? Quite a few things really… photography, light, design, furniture, lamp, mood, ambience, light therapy, background, fish tank, art, light box, living room, focal point, relaxation,... We probably could have called this area “vision”, “ambiance”, “art”, but feel that “light” represents it most accurately.
A lighting installation combining photography, design and art, which interacts with the room it is installed in.

A statement lighting object: the LUMINATOR is the ideal medium to reproduce large format photographs three dimensionally. Its light reinforces the colors and underlines the contrast of the picture; its size allows every detail of the image to shine through. This combination of effects creates an intensity, which transfers into the entire room.

The LUMINATOR can be mounted on a wall in just a few steps. It can be placed on a bookshelf or just sit on the floor, leaning on the wall. Changing images is easy and can be done in seconds. The LUMINATOR is dimmable – meaning the strength of the light can be matched to the room’s ambiance or natural light at the push of a button. The bandwidth reaches from a photo with slight background lighting to a bright picture that can even replace a lamp in the room.
The intensity is spectacular – lights and colors do really change the feeling in a room, depending on the image that has been chosen. To get a first impression, please have a look at some of the latest installations.

The LUMINATOR has been designed for interior use to reproduce photography.The brightness can easily be regulated and be adjusted to suit the ambient light. A slim aluminum section (side section, channel, side face) and its marginal construction depth of 70mm ensure that the LUMINATOR puts the image in focus and that it appears discreet in the background despite its relative size. Even when switched off, it looks like a piece of art on the wall.

Which images can be used? There are several options: Either pick one of the pictures from one of our partner photographers from the exclusive series in the gallery section. Or, you commission a photographer of your choice to create a picture exclusively for you. There may be a special place or object that is very close to your heart, which you would like to immortalize in your LUMINATOR. Finally, we can put you in touch with a photographer, to support you from the idea to the final result.

To really appreciate the effect of a LUMINATOR we strongly recommend that you have a look at one in real life, as we feel only then can its aspect and impact really be appreciated. A picture of a picture does not do it justice!