Sound - Quality Music Reproduction

When we really want to experience music, then it is true that nothing can beat a live concert – but we can try to come as close as possible to reproducing these moments at home, through high quality music reproduction in our own environment.

We are the importer and distributor of a selected number of high-end electronics, loudspeaker and accessories manufacturers, who all specialise in a certain field of music reproduction.  Themata exclusively represents the majority of these companies in the UK. We believe these companies stand for quality outside the mainstream - every component we sell is designed and manufactured in Europe. As we deal with the owners and/or product designers directly, we have immediate access to the people behind every product.

We cater for pretty much every setup and all listening preferences.  If you are into minimal design, computer based music and streaming, if you like a traditional setup, be it valves or solid state, if you are looking for a dedicated listening room experience, we can provide solutions to all that. We offer traditional and modern sources, amplification, active and passive loudspeakers, cabling and other accessories. We also offer a room and sound measurement service, to optimize your setup and positioning of your equipment and speakers and to advise on room correction, if wanted.

We have almost every product that you can find in our product range readily set-up on site, for a demonstration in a representative, real world living ambiance, without time restrictions or any buying pressure. We act as an appointment only music studio, and endeavor to be extremely flexible to accommodate your free time. Personal and approachable contact is guaranteed, and we also offer demos in your own home to get the most accurate and realistic impression of the equipment you are interested in. We can cater for a wide range of music styles when demoing our brands, but you are very welcome, actually encouraged, to bring your own music on vinyl, cd, usb stick or other data carrier.